Wide angle view of the Wildfire Ranch stables.

Why horses?

Equine-assisted therapy is an emerging treatment method with scientific studies proving dramatic success using horses to heal humans of mental and emotional pain. The horsesandhumans.org research company is just one of nearly one-hundred sites that prove up to 80% improvements in adults and children suffering from depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and other illnesses.

How do horses help?

The path to healing begins with understanding. By their very nature, horses provide the perfect way to learn what problems people might hide from everyone around them -- even themselves.

For thousands of years, horses have honed their instincts as prey animals. These senses allow them to detect the emotions and intent of everything around them, up to and including humans. When a visitor to Wildfire Ranch interacts with a horse in a therapeutic setting, the horses begin to unmask the hidden emotions and difficulties that might not be so easy to see.

The insight that horses offer provides a unique window into the human experience. Combined with the powerful, calming experience that is horse therapy, many people find their lives changed.

Peace of Mind

Regular therapy with horses produces increased self-confidence, happiness and awareness of power and self-control even more than dog and cat therapy. At Wildfire Ranch we firmly believe that God works through our horses to produce supernatural healing for our guests. The horsees unmask deep emotional problems with their remarkable senses and then mirror that 'diagnosis' back to the human with their behavior.

Interested in learning more about equine-assisted therapy? Learn more by visiting our Therapy page.

HORSE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION: I have high-functioning Aspergers Syndrome. I always isolated myself because of not being able to read peoples body language. I've always felt like an alien from a different world. The horses don't judge. They never give up on me. People say I will never be good at reading people but the horses don't give up. The horses give cues as to what they want or need. If I can't understand them they do the movement again or make it more pronounced. What people told me I'd never accomplish, the horses saw past and kept trying. It made me feel less alien and alot more human. Because of Wildfire Ranch, Cynthia and Ariel and their horse family, I have been able to enter a Walmart Super Center for the first time in my life. It may not seem like alot to a 'regular' person but entering highly social situations has changed my entire life!Cassie Widicker, Pleasant Gap, PA

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