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When people think about therapy, most picture a grey-haired psychaitrist with a clipboard and a couch. For people who are suffering from depression, bi-polar disorder, autism, PTSD or a number of other serious maladies, that thought offers little comfort.

Wildfire Ranch's owner Cynthia Sweeley has 7 years experience conducting equine therapy with life-changing results.

By interacting with the horses, visitors to Wildfire Ranch can open themselves up to new possibilities.

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What is horse therapy?

Horse therapy for depression

Horse Therapy Heartland Week-Long Retreat

Disclosure: Wildfire Ranch Staff members are not licensed counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists nor do we make any such claims. As such there is no counseling conducted during our equine therapy sessions. Clients are given games to play with the horses which empower clients in their weak areas and promote healing from inner traumas as a result. Wildfire Ranch staff members interpret horse behavior during these sessions as the horses 'mirror' what they are sensing in the clients.

I had the privilege of being in WildFire Ranch after being in different places much needed for therapy, medically and personally speaking but most of all I was looking for a place that offered the peace and spiritual wellbeing for my soul and I have to say that being at this Beautiful place helped me a lot not to mention that it was an amazing place to take my vacation time off as well! Felt safe at all times while being a the ranch and riding the horses getting knowledge about them and the people just so kind and very willing to serve. SO Worth it. Can't wait to visit again soon. Liz Neufield, Kansas

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