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Wildfire Ranch In the News and Equine Therapy Training

Equine Therapy Training

Wildfire Ranch is now offering our own brand of training for equine therapy coaching. Your investment of $1,995 will give you all the skills to conduct equine assisted activities at your own stables. Please note that this type of equine therapy does not include any type of counseling.

$1,995 for your own Equine Therapy business!

  1. Training

    At least 10 hours of intensive and thorough training by phone, skype, email and mail on Equine Therapy. Topics will cover:

    • The history behind this therapeutic profession.
    • Training your horses for equine therapy.
    • Understanding how equine therapy works both on the ground and on horseback.
    • Horse games specifically designed to enable the client to see how empowered they actually are in their areas of weakness.
    • How to conduct equine therapy workshops (most specifically mother-daughter workshops).
    • A 4-hour afternoon of training in person here at our ranch for hands-on training.
    • Understanding how God heals your guests through you and your horses.
  2. Advertising

    All of the promotional techniques used by our successful ranch in advertising your equine therapy to the public, both near and far.

  3. Bonuses for an additional $500
    • Advertising and Launching your own public-guided horseback trail ride program.
    • Training on horse care from hooves and grooming to worming and vaccinating yourself.
    • Training on types of feed for your horses so that your horses receive nutrients without getting whipped up.
    • Training your horses for the trail ride program offered to the public.
    • Advertising and launching weddings, childrens birthday parties.
    • Bookkeeping for your horse business.

Payment Options

We accept MC/Visa/Am Express/ Discover / Debit cards / Cash or Check. Payment plans are also accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Cynthia today to to learn more!

Call/Text: (814) 574-9942
Email: wildfireranch.cynthia@gmail.com

Disclosure: Wildfire Ranch Staff members are not licensed counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists nor do we make any such claims. As such there is no counseling conducted during our equine therapy sessions. Clients are given games to play with the horses which empower clients in their weak areas and promote healing from inner traumas as a result. Wildfire Ranch staff members interpret horse behavior during these sessions as the horses 'mirror' what they are sensing in the clients.

Wildfire Ranch in the news!

We are blessed to have media outlets contacting us to help with news stories, or to do a story all about us. Below are a few of the many ways Wildfire Ranch has been in the news!

Wildfire Ranch featured on Global Television!

A Mirror to the Mind: An Interview with Cynthia Amnell

Written by Katie Carroll, Purdue University - A Mirror to the Mind: An Interview with Cynthia Amnell
Note: This text also appears as the "Cynthia's Story" page on our website.

A Blessing in Disguise

Produced by Penn State ComMedia News - A Blessing in Disguise

Making a Difference - WJAC News Broadcast

Produced by WJAC TV-6 - click below to watch video or click here to view in new window.

Local woman uses horse therapy to help people cope.

Centre County Gazette - Local woman uses horse therapy to help people cope.

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