Equine Therapy Franchises

By popular demand, Wildfire Ranch is now offering 2 types of franchises/distributorships for Equine Therapy. Your investment will give you the training and legal rights to own a Wildfire Ranch Equine Therapy franchise/distributorship to conduct Equine Therapy at your horse stables. If desired, you can also be trained on how to launch and operate your own public guided horseback trail ride program; host weddings and childrens birthday parties; and run a Christian ministry using horses to draw hurting people closer to God.

Package #1: Equine Therapy Distributorship (Only): $498

Package #2: All-Inclusive Equine Therapy Distributorship: $998

Package #1: Equine Therapy Distributorship (Only): $498

Here is what you receive for your Equine Therapy Distributorship $498.00 Investment:

  1. Training

    At least 10 hours of intensive and thorough training by phone, skype, email and mail on Equine Therapy. Topics will cover:

    • The history behind this therapeutic profession.
    • Training your horses for equine therapy.
    • Understanding how equine therapy works both on the ground and on horseback.
    • Exercises specifically designed for diagnosing inner traumas
    • Exercises designed to empower and overcome same traumas.
    • How to conduct equine therapy workshops (most specifically mother-daughter workshops).
    • A 4-hour afternoon of training in person here at our ranch for hands-on training.
    • Understanding how God heals your guests through you and your horses.
    • Counseling training.
  2. Advertising

    All of the promotional techniques used by our successful ranch in advertising your equine therapy to the public, both near and far.

  3. Legal Documents

    All legal documents needed to operate an Equine Therapy program as well as all legal documents used in other areas of money making horse-related activities.

  4. Certification

    At the end of your training you will be certified to do Equine Therapy at your stables through Wildfire Ranch.

  5. Distributorship Ownership

    Own the rights to operate a Wildfire Ranch Equine Therapy distributorship in your state.

Package #2: All-Inclusive Equine Therapy Distributorship: $998

All of the items listed in Package #1 PLUS:

Payment Options

We accept MC/Visa/Am Express/ Discover / Debit cards / Cash or Check. Payment plans are also accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Please call Cynthia for more information: 814.422.0534 or email: wildfireranch.cynthia@gmail.com.