Wide angle view of the Wildfire Ranch stables.

Kid's Day Camps

1-day camp - $135
2-day camp - $235
3-day camp - $285
4-day camp - $330
5-day camp - $385

All camps include a delicious lunch every day and run from 9am-3pm, with the exception of the 1-day camp which is from 9am-12pm only.

Let your kids get a taste of hands-on ranch life with this exciting opportunity!

One of the only horse camps in central Pennsylvania! Choose the number of days you wish to come, Monday through Friday. During their time at our ranch, your child will learn everything about horses.

Hands on teaching expriences include feeding the horses, brushing, saddling, general horse care, understanding horse behavior, and--of course--daily, hour-long lessons on horseback! The camp culminates in a special performance for parents at the end of the week!

Children must be at least 5 years old to attent day camp.

Kid's Week-long Overnight Camps

$450 for 3 day, 2 night camp
$995 for 6 day, 5 night camp

These popular horse camps are not just for the summer season! We offer them throughout the entire year! Kids stay in guest bedrooms near Cynthia and Ariel, the owners and operators of Wildfire Ranch. Kids will learn everything about horses from breeds and horse behavior; training and grooming; saddling and riding. Safety is emphasized consistently throughout all lessons.

During your child's stay they will receive either a horse lesson or a horseback trail ride daily. All kids participate in barn chores so that they learn about the work involved in keeping a horse. Chores include feeding the horses, mucking stalls, cleaning and leather-oiling saddles and bridles, filling water buckets. Meals are provided daily along with snacks and drinks. A great experience for any youngster interested in being around horses!

The week-long camp is available for children ages 5-18.

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