Wide angle view of the Wildfire Ranch stables.

About Wildfire Ranch


Opened in 2012, Wildfire Ranch is the passion and pride and joy of owners Cynthia and Ariel Sweeley, a mother-daughter team. Following a series of traumatic events in her personal life, she discovered the healing power of horses and established the Ranch not only as a vacation destination but also a place of healing.

Operated seven days a week by appointment, Wildfire Ranch is a fully functioning horse ranch offering everything from riding lessons and boarding to equine therapy. Most recently, they have opened their doors as one of Pennsylvania's most breath-taking wedding destinations.

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Why Horses?


Cynthia Sweeley, owner and managing director.

Cynthia Sweeley

Owner/Managing Director

Cynthia Sweeley has 20 years experience training horses with a specialty on producing beginner-safe trail-riding horses. As a result, guests frequently ask to purchase the Wildfire Ranch horses even when they are not up for sale. She has a Bachelors Degree from Penn State University with Deans List honors majoring in Professional Communications and Business Administration. Cynthia has 7 years experience as a 'Coach' in equine assisted activities that do not include counseling.

In 1995 Cynthia started a restaurant menu-and-placemat-advertising company named Menu Master. Over 13 years she sold 13 franchises and turned it into the largest menu and placemat advertising company in America! The 2008/2009 recession killed the business and so she started Wildfire Ranch instead.

Cynthia and her daughter Ariel practice horse whispering with their herd of 13 horses with irrefutable results that can be seen in the equine therapy sessions. Several licensed therapists have requested meetings with Cynthia and Ariel on why their clients have "healed from un-healable" mental and emotional conditions.

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Ariel Sweeley, co-owner and senior ranch coordinator.

Ariel Sweeley

Co-Owner, Senior Ranch Coordinator

An outstanding honors student graduate Ariel is pursuing degrees in psychology and Equine Science while expanding her equine assisted activities training to the next levels.  Ariel conducts horse therapy sessions,  guided public trail rides and horse-training.  She is sought after for her riding instruction by over 20 students requesting her horse-riding lessons.  Ariel is co-operator with her mother Cynthia in all aspects of running Wildfire Ranch and plans to take over the running of Wildfire Ranch as her career.

Disclosure: Wildfire Ranch Staff members are not licensed counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists nor do we make any such claims. As such there is no counseling conducted during our equine therapy sessions. Clients are given games to play with the horses which empower clients in their weak areas and promote healing from inner traumas as a result. Wildfire Ranch staff members interpret horse behavior during these sessions as the horses 'mirror' what they are sensing in the clients.